forum has been set up, you can either click on the forum button in the navigation bar or go directly to the forum at http://rr-forum.4011.net/

next move is a mailinglist - i will make a mailinglist (out of the email addresses i have gotten so far. if your´s is not listed, go and post in the forum!



i just added a shortcut for ruffryders.4011.net in the form of http://rr.4011.net. it´s easier to notice and type, it will just redirect you to http://ruffryders.4011.net

FsF clansite is also hosted on http://4011.net. they needed a webspace so i kindly provided them with webspace. personally, i dont like the design of their site, but it´s up to them. it´s under http://fsf.4011.net

last but not least, i still didnt have time to set up a forum, i´ll do it as soon as i have some spare time. further, i will set up a system for news editing (admins will be able to add news within the browser) and readers will be able to make comments.

have phun, cheers!



since there aren't any iCTF low grav ladders out there, it would be great if you all helped trying to get one up, by replying in the thread in this link:

Idea by °ûÊ°Ñoñamê



We have a war between °RR° and °ûÊ° , its on Monday 27-02-2006
I dont now with members gonna play, you hear of me.



We have put all the members of MWM together in °RR°
-°RR° Termando
-°RR° Crack

Welcome guys